'YourSite' Walkthrough

YourSite: ASP.NET Core Web Application Walkthrough


"YourSite" serves as an exemplary ASP.NET Core web application, showcasing the integration with K12NET's robust set of APIs. This fully functional web application demonstrates best practices for implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), utilizing various endpoints for retrieving student, teacher, and organization information, and more. Designed for developers, "YourSite" provides a practical walkthrough of integrating with the K12NET platform, accompanied by detailed explanations and screenshots to elucidate each step.


Code Availability

The complete source code for "YourSite" is available on GitHub, offering a public repository that allows developers to explore, download, and experiment with the code. This open access encourages learning and collaboration within the developer community.

View "YourSite" on GitHub

Walkthrough and Code Explanation

In this section, we provide a comprehensive guide to "YourSite," featuring screenshots that highlight key functionalities and code snippets that drive these features. Each segment of the walkthrough is designed to explain the purpose and functionality of the code, ensuring developers understand how to apply similar concepts in their own projects.

  1. Setting Up the Project: Instructions on setting up your ASP.NET Core project to work with K12NET APIs, including configuration steps for authentication and API access.

  2. Implementing SSO: A step-by-step guide on integrating Single Sign-On, from the login link creation to handling the redirect and token exchange process.

  3. API Integration: Detailed examples of how to call K12NET API endpoints from "YourSite," including handling responses and displaying data.

  4. Enhancing User Experience: Tips on improving the UI/UX of your application by leveraging the data and functionalities provided by K12NET.


"YourSite" is more than just a sample application; it's a bridge to understanding how to effectively leverage the K12NET APIs within your own ASP.NET Core projects. By exploring the code and following the walkthrough, developers can gain valuable insights into creating applications that enhance the educational experience through seamless integration with K12NET.