An "Organization" within the K12NET system refers to an educational institution, such as a school district, individual school, or any other educational entity that manages and operates its educational and administrative functions using K12NET. Organizations are the primary entities that your application will interact with when using our APIs. They own and control access to their data, manage user roles such as students, teachers, staff, and parents, and are responsible for granting permissions to Partners to access their information within the scope of their services. The term 'Organization' is thus central to the structure of K12NET, signifying the institutions that form the backbone of our educational network.

Organization related apis provides access to endpoints that allow Partners to retrieve information about educational institutions within the K12NET system. Here are the available endpoints:

1. Retrieve All Organizations

To obtain a list of all Organizations:


This endpoint returns a collection of Organizations that your Partner account has access to. The response will typically include details such as the organization's ID, name, and possibly additional metadata.

2. Retrieve Schools for a Specific Organization

To get information about schools within a specific Organization:


Replace {organization_id} with the actual ID of the Organization you're querying about. This request will return details about the schools that are part of the specified Organization, including each school's unique identifier and name.

Remember to authenticate your requests by including an Authorization header with the Bearer token:

curl -X GET
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

For the second endpoint, your request would look like this:

curl -X GET{organization_id}/schools
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

Ensure to replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with the valid access token and {organization_id} with the actual ID of the organization.

Use these endpoints to access and manage organization-related data, enabling your application to provide organization-specific functionalities.