Retrieving User Info

Retrieving User Information

After successfully logging in with K12NET's Single Sign-On (SSO) system, it's crucial to retrieve and handle the user's information securely within your ASP.NET Core web application, "YourSite". The Signin-K12NET.cshtml page and its code-behind demonstrate how to achieve this by capturing the authorization code, exchanging it for an access token, and finally fetching the user's details.

Process Overview

  1. Capture the Authorization Code: The user is redirected back to your application with an authorization code appended to the query string. This code is crucial for the next step in the SSO process.

  2. Exchange Code for Access Token: Use the authorization code to request an access token from K12NET's token endpoint. This token grants temporary access to the user's information.

  3. Fetch User Information: With the access token, make a request to the /userinfo endpoint to retrieve the user's details.

Code Explanation

Security and Privacy

This process ensures that sensitive information, like the authorization code and access token, is handled securely through HTTPS requests. Furthermore, user information is processed server-side, preventing exposure to the client.


By following the outlined steps and understanding the code structure, you can effectively integrate K12NET's SSO into "YourSite", allowing for a seamless and secure user authentication experience. This not only enhances the usability of your application but also leverages the robust security features of K12NET's platform.