This document is a guide for customizing K12NET with your school’s branding and launching it on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. This unique feature allows schools to personalize the look and feel of the K12NET app, including the logo, color scheme, and app description, to reflect their own identity and values.

Customize and Publish with Ease: Through App Store Branding, you have the power to transform K12NET into your school's very own app. This not only enhances the connection with your students, parents, and staff but also elevates your school's brand presence on prominent mobile platforms. With the help of, we simplify the process of turning your web-based SIS into a native app that meets store guidelines and requirements.

Why Choose App Store Branding?

Leveraging PWABuilder: Our integration with ensures a seamless conversion process from your PWA to a store-ready native application. This tool handles the technical complexities, allowing you to focus on the branding aspects that make your app unique.

Getting Started: There are two main sections to guide you through each step of the branding and submission process:

  1. iOS: Detailed instructions for customizing and submitting your app to the iOS App Store.
  2. Android: Guidelines for preparing and launching your branded app on the Google Play Store.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase your school’s identity through its very own app on the world’s leading app platforms. Start here to learn how to bring your customized K12NET application to life.