The K12NET API provides a dedicated endpoint for Partners to access teacher information within a specific organization. Utilize the following endpoint to query teacher data:

GET https://api.k12net.com/INTCore.Web/api/partner/organizations/{organization_id}/teachers

Ensure to replace {organization_id} with the actual identifier of the organization whose teacher data you are interested in retrieving.

Capabilities of the Teachers Endpoint:

Customizable Data Fields:

As with student information, the specific fields included in the response from the Teachers endpoint are determined by the organization. This means that the dataset for teachers may include a variety of fields, tailored to the organization’s preferences and policies regarding data sharing.

As a Partner, it is important to design your integration to be flexible and capable of handling varying data structures. Your application should be prepared to process the essential information that is consistently provided, as well as any additional fields that may be unique to certain organizations.

Proper error handling and data validation strategies are recommended to ensure that your application can effectively manage the data provided through this endpoint, maintaining robust interaction with the diverse datasets of teachers across different K12NET organizations.